Nowadays on the web there is no place where social media is absent. There is absolutely no way businesses can survive without them as in today’s competitive environment staying behind is just not affordable. The reason for this is simply because social activities are playing a dominant role in shaping consumer perceptions, buying behavior and purchasing decisions. Search engines are considering social signals as a considerable factor for ranking decisions and the overall hype that social media and its conversations has gathered is simply not ignorable for any business. In such a situation which places immense pressure on businesses and demands for excellent social media skills, our company offers services in the various areas of social media marketing.

Our experts work to turn every activity into results by transferring your readers directly into sales leads. The strategies and solutions our company offers guarantee real returns on all investments and the ultimate results always equals to attracting more sales, traffic and ultimately revenue for all our clients.

Our services are broadly categorized under six major services namely

–          Social Media Management

–          Content Creation

–          Gaining of Helpful Market Intelligence

–          Custom Social Media Campaigns

–          Social Media Analytics and Consultations

–          Social Customer Relationship Management

Social Media Management

Managing the presence of businesses on social media is a continuous job. Many businesses present online today lack the expertise and the time to maintain all their social activities and channels on a self control basis. It requires immense hard work and labor to manage the activity of the page fans and competitor’s activity along with continually establishing innovative ways of engagement.

The services we offer in this regard include creation of content, distribution scheduling, monitoring of online life and creation of new and innovative engagement around the activity. Maintaining all these activities can prove to be quite a burden especially if you lack a dedicated expert team to perform these services. We on the other hand acquire the expertise and knowledge along with the man power to handle all these activities for you and contribute towards the growth of your business.

Creation of Content

Social media itself is all about sharing of content that is engaging for other and motivating them to further share or spread it on.  However for the purpose of sharing it the content requires to be engaging and interesting in the first place. Fresh and innovative, entertaining and engaging content is the soul of social media and our company offers just that. We excel in providing high quality content that is not only part of social media marketing services rather they also reflect the service or the product offered in a manner that truly reflects the company’s culture through it as well.

Gaining of Helpful Market Intelligence

The content we provide our clients are not only engaging but they are also well researched after analyzing key phrases based on information directed towards facilitation of customer concerns and dialogs. The level and degree of online public forum based market intelligence is noteworthy. We offer our clients services related to capturing this essential information using our capabilities of social media processing and offer a solution oriented communication online. Our prime objective is to offer our clients world class customer care along with creating for them a competitive advantage atmosphere and bringing back customers that have had terrible experiences in the past.

For our clients who have experienced harsh views by customers we attempt to personally handle situations as many of them are repairable and we on behalf of our customers engage with their customers and try to set their concerns right.

Social Media Customized Campaigns

Social media is not all about commenting and posting. There are several other activities that contribute to the engaging material on social sites as well. These activities include adding coupons, surveys, running polls, using graphics and videos, etc. These mediums too add on to the engagement factor and contribute towards followers returning to your page again and again.

It is a universal truth that variety is the real spice of life and as far as social media is concerned variety is what keeps the interest in the business high. So through introducing new ways of communication and breaking formal communication barriers in form of survey polls utilization and games as a source of social media strategies, companies can efficiently determine what clicks to its audiences and then customize accordingly. Adopting this method creation and maintaining of engaged and active following can be achieved and participation of followers can be kept high.

Analytics of Social Media and Social Media Consultation

The only way to measure or stay informed on the results your efforts are producing is through business intelligence.  Through use of business intelligence we can help clients in determining whether their efforts are fruitful for them in sense of leads and traffic generation and converted customers.

We are strong believers of transparency when it comes to relations with our clients. By offering analytics of social media we are efficiently able to give advice on what can and will not work for our clients. To explain and provide in a clear way on where our customers stand we refer to the different statistics of the activities on social media and adopt a bottom up approach or a top down approach when consulting with or advising our customers.

We also believe in being budget conscious and try to achieve the desired results within a budget affordable by our clients.  Our services are affordable for any business that aims to hire social media marketing services to establish along with maintaining the presence of their company online.

Social Customer Relationship Management

We continuously thrive to evolve CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into social CRM. The model we have designed is capable of engaging consumers in the process of relationship building along with the producer and also leveraging the relationship to the extent that completely satisfies customers again and again. Social media has provided grounds which allow companies to interact with customers directly and social CRM that we provide is basically the constant monitoring of the increasing community, their preferences, passions and interests. This is a new paradigm where the consumer is supreme, it is the consumer that makes all the rules, defines all channels and also direct a collaborative discussion relating to desired services and goods. To inquire further on the services we offer and the various prices and plans we offer please contact us or visit respective pages on our site.

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