Talent Vs. Technology: Selecting The Best SEO Solution

Selecting the best SEO solutions can be devastating. Brands and marketers should consider which strategies, tactics, and services providers can get a search campaign into life.

The aim of this post is to offer a guide which delivers breakdown of important considerations and assist your brand choose the best SEO solutions to meet your own brand’s requirements. By asking strategical questions about the risks and benefits of utilizing an agency, platform, or blend, you can take confident decisions depending on available resources and needs.

Comparing Platforms & Partners

When analyzing advantages and disadvantages of a platform versus agency solution, the main factors can be put to four fundamental elements — capacity, responsiveness, expertise, and resources.

For this post, we’re considering the agencies to be the third parties who support brands — certainly SEO consultants could fit in same category, too. The platforms are the tools that go much beyond tracking keywords ranking and offer SEO recommendations, together with some levels of competence-driven automation.


The agencies provide more control of general digital strategies by creating personalized strategies for your needs. As many agencies provide complete marketing solutions, so they are capable to tie SEO in other marketing elements like content, advertising and web design. This can result in more effective and comprehensive SEO strategies generating results across channels.

The platforms offer lesser integration, but they offer a range of packaged SEO based solutions that can hold other content and digital marketing workflow and strategies. They create competent process structures which consolidate and automate time-consuming tasks.


Lots of platforms offer standardized customer service options which need users to submit request through online system. Others offer representatives; however they emphasize more on being immediate to issues than practical to the requirements of your brand.

The agencies are planned to provide more personalized and devoted services to customers. Your partner will offer particular resources to your brands and is accountable for understanding your specific industry and crafting tailored strategies developed for your needs. Lesser clients mean partners could build up relationships and get human elements to constructing as well as implementing a complete SEO program.


Agencies are frequently composed of big teams of experts having backgrounds from various industries and fields. Good agencies stay updated with trends and quickly react to changing market requirements. Brands look up to them as industry experts and thought leaders across many different fields. Their varied backgrounds come jointly to offer expertise and valuable knowledge that can be used for complex marketing plans.

SEO platforms provide expertise within realm of search, however not much else often. Their software applies lucrative solutions that produce organic search results however lack human element that can be vital in deliverables like keywords research and pages selection. When managed correctly, platform solutions can attract San Diego SEO ; but they’ll be limited in advices for optimizing within numerous digital marketing channels that often have symbiotic benefits with SEO.


The agencies offer hands-on SEO that allows brands more power over strategy and quality, but they come with higher rates often. Their ability to get a human element into search helps identify issues, but their effort can be more expensive and time-consuming than box platform solution. Also, many partners need contracts with honest commitments.

The SEO platforms can provide shorter contracts, frequently at a cheaper price. By eliminating the manual updates, these platforms can streamline process and efficiently implement tactics, but with lesser personalized care. If well-informed internal resources do not exist to extrapolate the SEO recommendations from platform, it can be hard to maximize the invested dollars, even if the costs are lesser than paying any agency. Visit http://sandiegoseoguy.com/